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How to Engage Existing Customers


Feeling a lack of interest from your existing customer base? Maybe your store isn’t receiving the same buzz as it used to. Here at BlueTec, we are committed to the success of our clients and so we’ve gathered a few proven methods:

  • Look into any customer feedback. Your customers’ lack of interest can stem from just one problem or many. Bad reviews, unappealing line of products, or messy stores–these can all lead to an unsatisfied shopping experience. Studies show that customers respond well to quality products and a store that shows effort to pleasing customers. They want their voices to be heard. Listen and take action.
  • Use social media to connect. Social media has become a revolutionary influence on businesses today. Ranging from Facebook to Instagram, businesses are now using this medium to connect to their customers at a more casual setting. Behind the scenes, personal achievements, or special discounts; these are all ways to begin engaging existing customers.
  • Using data science. Through this process, a company or service acquires your data and then maps your clientele in full detail. This service/company works on the aggregated data of your customers to understand purchasing behavior and their reaction to certain aspects of your business. Once all the data is compiled, they create advertisements that are effective in their purpose. Although it falls on the more high-end side of marketing, it is a guaranteed way to engage your customers.


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